Using Creative Designs to Adorn Pieces of Glass

Although most people inherently imagine canvases and framed pieces when they think of art, glass paintings are equally impressive. Using gutta outliner and glass paints, I produce pieces of simply stunning glass art. The background is painted and splattered, while a textile mesh is also used. The theme of my glass paintings is seahorses and butterflies, with each piece having a solo animal painted in beautifully blended colours. Part of my ‘affordable’ range, the glass art works perfectly as part of a collection decorating a bathroom or living area.

Each glass painting is an original one-off, and can be purchased for just £20 plus P&P. If you would prefer to choose a unique design, I am happy to take commissions for my glass painting. Simply detail your specifications and requirements, and I will produce a striking piece just for you. I also accept commissions for my flower art.